Made with 2 Ingredients ONLY, and always in small batches.

We source our Coconut Cream from the best producers in the world, ensuring quality and taste are to our CoColicious standard, then we add the probiotic blend to a small batch of coconut cream and that's how simple the process is, we only use these 2 ingredients, nothing else

Frequently Asked Questions:

Sometimes the yogurt has visible liquid on the bottom, is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal, given that we do not use any preservatives or thickeners to prevent the natural separation of the cream and water. 
Simply stir with a spoon to rebind the fat and water or eat as is if you like the thicker texture.

My yogurt was very thick when i opened it, what can I do to make it creamy again?

Simply stir the yogurt with a spoon and it will become creamy and smooth again.

My yogurt was very runny and liquid when i opened, what can i do to make it thicker?

When the yogurt is very fresh it is not as thick, simply leave it in the fridge for a couple of days and the live cultures will do their magic to make it thicker like greek yogurt.

Can i freeze the yogurt?

Yes absolutely, for any reason, if you bought more then you can eat (which rarely happens), or if you simply enjoy frozen yogurt better then regular!
If you want to freeze the fruit yogurts we suggest stirring with a spoon before freezing to blend the yogurt and fruit.
When you freeze the yogurt you will significantly lower the count of probiotics bacteria, therefore you will lose the benefit of the good guts probiotics!

Do you add sugar to the yogurt?

No there is no sugar added, only contains the natural sugars from the coconut and fruits.

Had this delicious treat on the market at Legions Park on Saturday. I can see how this is totally addicting. Creamy, mildly sweet, pure fruit taste, I will serve these as dessert anytime. My teenager daughter loved them too

Monika N.

, Happy Customer
Its melting in your mouth like ice cream, incredible and unexpected texture with coconut after taste! Out of this world!

Jhonatan A.

, Happy Customer
I can't have dairy products, this is now my favorite yogurt, its the most delicious nondairy yogurt I have ever tried!

Alex G.

, Happy Customer