About CoColicious

CoColicious was founded in 2019 as a family-owned company based in Miami, Florida.
Our line of crafted yogurt is made with pure coconut milk mixed with live cultures, our passion for a healthy lifestyle is our daily inspiration.
Everything started with experimenting and exploring something new, a desire to create refreshing yet a healthy plant based yogurt. Our history and obsession of making yogurt goes way back to our childhood, at grandmas kitchen. I remember as a child watching my grandma make homemade yogurt, she would always say yogurt is “the food of the gods".
Every morning before school she used to greet us with a cup of fresh homemade yogurt, it was perfect and delicious way to start the day. I fell in love with food and cooking by simply watching her cook.

Ever since it has been my passion to experiment with the process of making yogurt and discovering new varieties. So, if you love the tangy, creamy taste of yogurt but can’t handle the dairy or you prefer plant based foods, our CoColicious yogurt is the best option you can find a blend of grandma’s secret recipe and my passion for food fusions.

Our Family

We are food enthusiast altering century old food recipes to meet today’s consumer needs based on their lifestyle.

Bojan Pantevski
Food Developer
I grew up in a kitchen with both my mom and my grandma, I was always an active participant in all recipes 🙂 Making yogurt and cheese was one of the things that were done on a regular basis since we used them as a main part of our diet. I know the process very well and I grew up loving to experiment with foods, adding the coconut in my recipes really opened new horizons for me and I ended up doing a lot of dairy food substitutes with coconut milk which people loved and always asked for more.
Bojana Pantevska
Marketing & Customer Relations
Bojana is an artist, and in CoColicious she is in charge of Marketing and Social media, in charge of customer communication and spreading the CoColicious Message to the world.